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A young Audrey Hepburn and her Mother in Arnhem during the war, 1942.

"I had jaundice during that last six months.  My mother and aunt and I ate very little.  We ate a few turnips, we made flour from tulip bulbs, which is actually a very fine flour.  In the winter there was nothing; in the spring we picked anything we could in the countryside….

I was very sick but didn’t realize it.  It wasn’t until after the war that I started to realize how my mom must have suffered.  She wanted to give me an orange or something.  She often looked at me and said, ‘You look so pale.’  I thought she was just fussing, but now I understand how she must have felt.

I was given an outlook on life by my mother….It was frowned upon not to think of others first.  It was frowned upon not to be disciplined….During the last winter of the war, we had no food whatsoever, and my aunt said to me, ‘Tomorrow we’ll have nothing to eat, so the best thing to do is stay in bed and conserve our energy.’ That very night, a member of the underground brought us food—flour, jam, oatmeal, cans of butter….When I hit rockbottom, there [was] always something there for me.” - Audrey Hepburn

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